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Weblog with political observations.

Galway Daily News
Delivering unrepentant nonsense on subjects such as Ireland, politics and entertainment.

Guernsey Futu
Archived back issues of a Channel Islands magazine, which ran from April 1st 2010 to April 1st 2011. Offers a gallery showing the finer points of the island, and articles on topics such as sports and culture.

Half Man Half Movie
News, reviews and 'mug of the month'.

The Canberra News Digestive
Australian periodical with articles about local, national and world current affairs.

The Comic News
Political cartoons and commentary. Offers a print edition.

The Sensationalist Times
Observations on the world of politics, sports, entertainment, science and business.

The Skunk
Provides their own take on politics and current affairs.

The Times of The World
Untrue reporting on topics such as sports, entertainment and current affairs.

Cartoon blog with their own view on current affairs, political issues and economic news.