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Don't Buy It - Get Media Smart
A media literacy Web site for young people that encourages users to think critically about media and become smart consumers. Activities on the site are designed to provide some of the skills and knowledge needed to question, analyze, interpret and evaluate media messages.

Emigre Design
Articles by or about Emigre, an experimental type foundry in Berkeley, CA. Emigre has had an unprecedented theoretical and real-world effect on the look of advertising around the world.

Free Minds Online: Responsible Journalism on the Web
On the Internet, we are all the media. Suggestions for evaluating information before you pass it on; links to valuable information sites; discussion groups.

Marshall McLuhan Archive
This official not-for-profit web site is maintained by the estate of Marshall McLuhan to ensure the integrity of his name and legacy.

Master New Media
Know-how, resources and tools to facilitate one's ability to learn, communicate and collaborate effectively with new media technologies.

Media Education Foundation
A nonprofit organization devoted to media research and the production of resources to aid educators and others in fostering analytical media literacy.

Media Literacy Clearinghouse
Resources and workshops for K-12 educators promoting critical thinking to help students read media messages.

Media Literacy Project
Aims to help people become more critical consumers of media messages. Provides teaching and multimedia resources, presentations, and training nationwide.

Media Smarts
A bilingual, Canadian educational web site containing a wide range of copy-right cleared resources to help teachers integrate media literacy and web literacy into their classrooms.

Research, information and materials by media literacy speaker and consultant Peter DeBenedittis, Ph.D.

Helps advance research and education in media studies and critical thinking. The site serves as a hub providing links to international news and media studies sites.

Nat Whitten
"Seminal Influences in Modern American Advertising." An online essay on generative influences in advertising projects from creative director and copywriter Nat Whitten.

National Institute on Media and the Family
A national resource for research, education and information about the impact of the media on children and families.

Noam Chomsky
Chomsky's home page at MIT. Includes a list of his publications on topics relevant to mass media.

Over the Rainbow
A free online magazine dedicated to media literacy for the entire family. Works to help children and adults not perpetuate stereotypes and generalizations about people of different backgrounds. Provides tips and activities that may help children and their parents become more open-minded media consumers.

PBS Teacher Source - Media Literacy
Features related activities, classroom resources, and professional development information.

A nonprofit, public interest organization dedicated to investigative reporting on the public relations industry.

Spark Media Project
A non-profit art and education organization focusing on giving children and youth, parents and teachers, artists and media makers a space to use media critically and creatively.

The Foucault Pages at CSUN
A good place to start if you want to apply the thinking of Michel Foucault to any study of mass media.

The Validity of Anti-War Criticism
In defense of anti-war criticism by Tim Wise.

Essays and media criticism intended to reveal the hidden meanings in TV, film, science fiction, theme parks, virtual realities, politics, advertising and news.

Understand Media
Contains original articles, resources, blogs, podcasts, videos, and links for educators and parents interested in increasing media literacy.

What Makes Mainstream Media Mainstream - Noam Chomsky
From a talk at Z Media Institute in 1997.

Z Communications
Offers a variety of critical writings and essays on culture and the media.