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Cartier-Bresson, Henri  
Eisenstaedt, Alfred
Mark, Mary Ellen
Salgado, Sebastiao
Seymour, David
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De Jong, Wubbo
Resume and a portfolio of the work from this Dutch photojournalist. Winner of several awards. Died in 2002.

Elsken, Ed van der
Dutch photographer (1925-1990). Biography, photos, information about his books, films and exhibitions.

Frank, Howard
Portfolio with photos of New York street life, the 1939 World's fair, sports and aviation photographs.

Maroon, Fred
Smithsonian exhibition featuring photographs of the Nixon White House and Watergate hearings.

McCurry, Steve
Steve McCurry, photojournalist, displays his recent work in essay form as well as offering a gallery of well-known work.

Miller, Lee
Photographer of the twenties, thirties, and forties, known for fashion, World War II and her portraits of artists of the time.

Rodger, George
George Rodger, Magnum co-founder, author of Humanity and Inhumanity (he was the first photographer into Nazi extermination camps), and Village of the Nubasart (on Nuber tribesmen).