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Political and cultural E-zine with original journalism, commentary, weblogs and videos.

Journal presenting alternative theories to current affairs. Provides podcasts.
Magazine (print and online) dedicated to independent investigative journalism.

Gipsy Ninja
Articles and videos on topics such as science, nature and lifestyle.

Global Comment
Articles on topics such as arts and politics.

Covers politics, fiction, poetry, and the arts.

In Motion Magazine
A multicultural, online U.S. publication about democracy, with sections on culture, politics, society and other topics.

In The Fray
An online magazine devoted to understanding, reporting on, and acting upon issues of identity and community. Areas covered include belief, class, gender, physique, race, and sexuality.

Make a History
Articles covering art, music, hacking and design. Also has links to real-time news and provides image galleries and videos.

Spiked Online
Online, off-message news with an emphasis on politics, IT, science, liberties and culture. Includes special issue reports. London.

The New Idealist
Back issue library including a fictional issue 7 set in the future. Topics covered include autism and doomsday.

The Wilderness Post
Supplies articles covering such topics as spiritually, survivalism, history and discoveries.

Thomas Terrio's View from the West
Current events, photography, and editorial opinions.

Articles in categories such as food, life and art, with an interestingly named 'interesting' section.

Whiteout Press
Provides exposs of world events. Archived articles cover themes such as entertainment, environment and 'rebel underground '.