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Lists how to perform some quick and easy tricks.

Coin Manipulation
A collection of coin tricks with teaching instructions. Includes photographs and video demonstrations.

Good Tricks
Simple walkthroughs of some good magic tricks.

Into Thin Air
Make a card vanish into thin air.

Learn Card Tricks, Card Sleights, and Other Card Magic | FalseShuffle
Large variation of card-tick walk-throughs.

Magic Index
Learn how to perform different tricks using paper, coins, straws, cards and pens.

Magic Tricks 4 U
Covers the basics of some card and coin tricks, in good detail.

PBS Kids: Magic Tricks
Learn how to do a couple magic tricks with stuff around the house.

Simple Magik
Simple magic tricks to try such as Indian water cleaning trick, and how to pull coins out of thin air.

Society Of Young Magicians
For young magicians who want to find out more about the Art of Magic.

Teach Kids How
Focussing on some eaasy magic tricks that even beginners can do.

The Math Magic Page
Some simple tricks using numbers. Includes explanations and examples.

Your Magic Wand
Learn fabulous magic tricks to entertain your family and friends.