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Geologic Time
Glaciers and Ice Ages
Plate Movements
Water Sources
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Earth Floor
Learn about the earth by reading short articles on plate tectonics, cycles, geologic time, adaptation and more.

Learn about earth structure, atmosphere, natural energies, water resources, living things, climate and cycles. Page includes photos and explanation of terms.

Geologic and Paleontologic Cook Book
The Kentucky Geological Survey offers recipes for appetizers, desserts and other food that help to explain earth-science concepts.

Grand Canyon Explorer: Geology of the Grand Canyon
Explains how layers of the Grand Canyon were formed over a period of about 2 million years. Many illustrations. Gives a couple different theories about some of the details.

MSA - Mineralogy 4 Kids
Learn about rocks and minerals. Ask questions and play mineral games online.

Comprehensive information about the many types of minerals in the world.

Smithsonian Department of Mineral Sciences
Explore a photo gallery of gems, volcanoes, rocks, minerals and meteorites. Offers research, collections and exhibits.

The Dynamic Earth
The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History presents articles about gems, minerals, rocks, mining, earth movements, volcanoes, and materials from other planets in our solar system.

What on Earth is Soil?
Provides brief facts about soil such as what it is and how it is formed.

Yellowstone National Park - For Kids
Learn about Yellowstone National Park with games and activities like the Animal Alphabet Book, the Yellowstone Coloring Book and a Scavenger Hunt.