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American Institute of Physics Online History Exhibits
Offers online exhibits about famous physicists and important discoveries.

Bite-Size Physics
Offers videos, puzzles and experiments about different topics. Paid subscription is required for lesson plans, but all other content is free.

Fu-Kwun Hwang's Personal Page
A virtual laboratory with more than 30 physics-related Java applets covering a wide variety of topics.

Lessons on Waves, Light, and Sound
Notes, interactive labs, Java applets, and illustrations.

Contains information, links, and interactive quizzes on the basic concepts of physics.

Physics Applets
A collection of interactive experiments and demonstrations about astrophysics, energy and environment, mechanics, and thermodynamics. Includes a set of tools for assistance in making graphs, figures, and spreadsheets.

Physics Formulas
General physics formulas are explained. Includes illustrations. Has overviews of some current theories.

Physics Life
Interactive cartoon street from the Institute of Physics illustrating the physics all around us. Enter the buildings and play with the animations to see what you can discover.

Physics Planet .com
Offers an introduction to astrophysics, waves, motion, light, three laws of thermodynamics, and scientists. Find list of Nobel Prize winners.

Physics the Google Way
Describes how to use the Google calculator to do physics calculations.

Physics news, jobs, equipment buyer's guide, and events.

Teacher Resources from Jefferson Lab
Includes online puzzles and games, hands-on activities, answers to common questions, virtual lab tour, and printable activity sheets.

The Atoms Family
Contains educational activities relating to different forms of energy, and are presented by famous Gothic horror characters.