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Ask a Scientist!
Submit a science question and get the answer from a scientist at the Argonne National Laboratory.

BJ Pinchbeck Offers Science Homework Help
Organized collection of links to help students find the information they need.

BrainPOP Science
Animated science, health and technology with movies, quizzes, activity pages and school homework help.

Catch The Science Bug
Kids can solve puzzles, conduct scientific investigations, and learn what scientists do on the job. Has a blog where students can ask specific questions.

Computer Science Student Network
Shows how to create animation, program virtual robots and calculate a robot's movements.

Endangered Species- Causes and Solutions
Information on endangered species, habitats and ecosystems with photos and references and homework help.

Fact Monster Homework Center For Science
Find simple answers to your science homework questions. Covers chemistry, physics, life sciences, geology, and astronomy.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Homework Help
Ask a homework question, get an answer from a scientist. Covers human biology, medicine, biochemistry, and genetics.

Kids' Science Challenge
Get help for your science project, submit your idea and a scientist will help you create a project. Has fun science activities.

Lemelson Center's Invention at Play
Play while inventing new things with imaginative online games. Has video and inventor biographies.

A magic musical adventure into the world of atoms and molecules! Learn about the 3 states of matter while taking a musical cartoon adventure.

Oceanography: Studies of the Ocean
Ocean lifeforms, its tides and endangered marine habitats with homework help, video, games and quizzes.

Old Farmer's Almanac For Kids
Children’s version of the famous almanac with facts about weather, star gazing, moon phases and more.

Rediscovering Biology Through Case Studies
Explore biology by examining actual scientific research projects on genetics, evolution and medicine.

Scholastic's StudyJams
Interactive information, vocabulary and quizzes on numerous subtopics in physics, anatomy, botany, physics, astronomy, ecosystems and more for 3rd to 5th grade.

Science 4 Kids
Has information on animals, bacteria, dinosaurs, ecology, geography, insects, planets, plants, soil and weather.
Enter the world of Science Bob to try home experiments, visit an online lab, and get answers to general science questions.

Space Racers
Learn about outer space through videos, games, and worksheets.

Suzy's World Science Fact Sheets
Asks science questions and provides answers and experiments while taking children on an adventure.

The Last Word
New Scientist offers simple answers to everyday physics questions such as why tin foil hurts teeth and why remote control locks won't work in some parking lots.

Wild Music
Interactive exploration of the science of acoustics and the sounds made by insects, birds and mammals.