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Chemistry - An Introduction
Information, quizzes and activities that provide an introduction to chemistry. Topics include atoms, molecules, gases, liquids, formulas, and the periodic table.

Chemistry Resources
Find links to quizzes, tutorials, periodic tables, and chemical safety.

Chemistry of Tie-Dying
Background of the chemistry of dyes as examples of molecules, and the reaction between cotton and dye as a perfect example of a simple chemical reaction.

Delights of Chemistry - Chemistry Demonstrations Performed in Leeds
Chemistry demonstrations performed at the University of Leeds. Movies, photos, and text that explain chemical reactions are available within this site.

Java Applets for Chemistry
Java and Shockwave programs allow students to conduct virtual experiments.

Mirror Molecules
Some molecules come in mirror-image pairs: a right-handed one and a left-handed one. This Smithsonian site helps kids grades 5 and up learn more about the structure of molecules.

Saving the National Treasures
NOVA television program explores the techniques used to preserve the original Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights of the United States.

Science for Kids
Learn about chemical reactions with some fun projects. From the Chicago section of the American Chemical Society.

The pH Factor
Virtual chemistry lab about the pH scale.

Virtual Dating
Java introduction to different kinds of radioactive dating, including radiocarbon and isochron dating.

What's That Stuff?
Explains the chemistry behind food, cleaning products, and everyday items like lipstick and paper.