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A Guide To The Planets
Beginners guide with basic facts about the nine planets.

Alex's Galaxy
Contains a photograph gallery of the major celestial bodies in the solar system.

Exploring Planets in the Classroom
More than 25 hands-on science activities about geology, earth, planetary, and space sciences.

How Big is the Solar System
Also known as "The Earth as a Peppercorn." A scale model of the solar system.

Interactive Solar System Tutorial
Learn about the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto with this interactive animated facts game.

Live from the Hubble Space Telescope
Provides an insiders' view of what it's like to work with Earth's most powerful space telescope.

NASA Science For Kids: Solar System Fun
Activities include figuring out how much you would weigh on another planet and comparing the sizes of the planets.

Passport to the Solar System
Provides an overview of the sun and each of the nine planets. Also includes biographies of researchers.

Solar System Exploration
Describes NASA's program to explore the solar system.

Solar System Live
Includes information and images related to the solar system and its inner planets.

Solar System Trading Cards
Collect Solar System trading cards as you answer trivia questions correctly.

Solar System Worksheets
Printable worksheets, logic problems, word searches, and puzzles.

The Planets for Kids
A student-based website focusing on general information about the planets, moon, and sun.

Views of the Solar System
An in-depth resource to the Solar System. Including articles about each part of the Solar System and its planets.

Window to the Universe
Learn about asteroids, comets, planets, and the sun. Also contains facts, news, and pictures.