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Alcott, Louisa May
Alexander, Lloyd
Andersen, Hans Christian
Armstrong, William
Attema, Martha
Austen, Jane
Banks, Lynne Reid
Baum, L. Frank  
Bemelmans, Ludwig
Berenstain, Stan and Jan
Blume, Judy
Brett, Jan
Bridwell, Norman
Brown, Marc
Buffie, Margaret
Burnett, Frances Hodgson
Byars, Betsy
Carle, Eric
Carroll, Lewis
Chaucer, Geoffrey
Christopher, Matt  
Cleary, Beverly
Clemens, Samuel
Colfer, Eoin  
Collodi, Carlo
Cormier, Robert
Cushman, Karen
Dahl, Roald
Defoe, Daniel
Dickens, Charles  
Donne, John
Dostoevsky, Fyodor
Dr. Seuss  
Du Bois, W.E.B.
Dumas, Alexandre  
Eliot, George  
Eliot, T. S.  
Frank, Anne
Funke, Cornelia
Geisel, Theodor Seuss
George, Jean Craighead
Handler, Daniel
Hinton, S. E.  
Holt, Kimberly Willis
Hopkins, Cathy  
Hughes, Langston
Jacques, Brian
Korman, Gordon  
Kropp, Paul  
Lenski, Lois
Lessing, Doris  
Lewis, C. S.  
Little, Jean
Lorenzini, Carlo
Lowry, Lois
Marshall, James  
Mayer, Mercer
McNaughton, Janet  
Milne, A. A.  
Montgomery, L. M.  
Munsch, Robert
Nimmo, Jenny
Numeroff, Laura
O'Dell, Scott  
Oppel, Kenneth  
Park, Barbara  
Paterson, Katherine
Paulsen, Gary
Peck, Richard  
Peck, Robert Newton  
Potter, Beatrix
Prelutsky, Jack
Rawls, Wilson
Rowling, J. K.  
Sachar, Louis
Sewell, Anna
Shakespeare, William
Shelley, Mary
Silverstein, Shel
Snicket, Lemony
Speare, Elizabeth George  
Spyri, Johanna
Stine, R. L.  
Stratton-Porter, Gene  
Swift, Jonathan  
Tolkien, J. R. R.  
Tolstoy, Leo  
Twain, Mark
United Kingdom
United States
Van Allsburg, Chris
Viorst, Judith  
White, E. B.  
Whitman, Walt  
Wilder, Laura Ingalls
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Author of adventure, fantasy, time travel, mystery, and Native American tales for young people. Includes book chapters, background, illustrations, photos, reviews, and biography.

DePaola, Tomie
Provides biographical sketch complete with a list of accomplishments, calendar, and pictures.

DuPrau, Jeanne
The official site includes a brief biography and a synopsis of the book, "The City of Ember".

Duncan, Lois
A short autobiography of the award-winning young adult horror writer.

Fern, Tracey
Author of children's historical books and magazine articles. Includes biography. cover art, and articles.

Fischer, Debbie Reed
Author of teen fiction and young adult novels. Biography, reviews, list pf appearances and overviews of the books.

Frasier, Debra
A brief biography of the author with introductions to her illustrations, including reports from her current studio projects and outdoor adventures.

Geraghty, Paul
Official site of the children's picture book author and illustrator. Includes a photo gallery, a list of his works and awards, and a schedule of author visits.

Ginger Foglesong Guy
Award winning bilingual books for children in English and Spanish. Site includes list of books, biography, and links.

Green, Roger J.
Includes information about the author and his books, including a full list of books and how he started writing.

Henkes, Kevin
Official site provides author biography, illustrations, information on characters and books, and fun and games.

Jacqueline Jules
Official site of Jacqueline Jules, author of Noah and the Ziz, Once Upon a Shabbos, and The Hardest Word; with games and a biography.

Jenkins, Steve
Website of author and illustrator of non-fiction books for children. Site includes a biography, links, and information on science for children.
Official site for the author of young adult fiction. Includes biography, FAQ, a synopsis of published works, and contact information.

Learning About Cynthia Voigt
An 8th-grader shares what she has learned about this popular young adult writer.

Lives of Girls Who Became Famous
The stories of 19 girls who became famous in their adult life.

Lobel, Arnold
Brief biography, and list of books including 'Frog and Toad Together'.

MacDonald, Amy
Biography of the award-winning children's book author, including information about the author, her books, and scheduled school visits.

Maria, Donna
Visit the magical worlds from the books, including the 5 stories about Miss Christmas and the lands visited by the Princess of Colour.

Meg Cabot
Has information on the author and listing of her books. Includes Mia page and news, fun stuff and princess club.

Mitali Perkins' Fire Escape
The author reflects on life in the melting pot, offering writing contests, a safe place to discuss immigrant life, book reviews, and other related resources, including her own writing.

Rose, Simon
Author of science fiction and fantasy novels for children and young adults. Find autobiographical information and a synopsis of some of his books.

Russo, Marisabina
Provides personal information about the author, a synopsis of the books she has written, and a schedule of school visits.

Salley, Coleen
Promotes children's author and storyteller, providing information about recent publications and booking engagements.

Say, Allen
Official site of the author of Home of the Brave, El Chino, Grandfather's Journey and Tea with Milk. Includes news, articles, and speeches by the author.

Scott, Elaine
Official website for the non-fiction author. Includes a biography, information about her work, and a schedule of school visits and special events.

Shulamith Levey Oppenheim
Presents information on the children's book author, short stories, published books and new work.

Simon, Seymour
Official homepage of the award-winning science author for children. Includes information on the author and his books, along with science links.

Sones, Sonya
Answers to questions about the author of teen poetry novels including One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies, What My Mother Doesn't Know, and Stop Pretending.

Tagliaferro , Linda
Author of biographies of Bruce Lee and Thomas Edison, and children's science and social studies books. Includes biography and information about school visits.

Vega, Denise
The author of 'Click Here(To Find Out How I Survived Seventh Grade)'; with a biography and book details.

Willems, Mo
Official site which includes a personal blog, FAQ's, and fun games for children.

Wolff, Ashley
Children's book author and illustrator provides biographical information and teacher activities, as well as information on scheduling a school visit.

Yohalem, Eve
Offers biography, FAQ, and details of books.