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All About Home - Plumbing Tips
Covers minor repairs including clogged drains, frozen pipes, and water heaters.

An illustrated explanation of how water heaters work along with information on repair and maintenance. Included is information about hot water circulating systems.

Find Plumbing
Forums for plumbing and heating help and how to troubleshoot small problems.

Fix a Toilet
Instructions for do-it-yourself toilet repair.

How To Build a Septic System
Step-by-step instructions including design, permits, tools, and construction details.

Love Plumbing
Plumber answers homeowner's queries on a wide range of service concerns.

Mother Earth News
Be Your Own Plumber; how to install your own fixtures easily using basic tools.

Plumbing Forum - GardenWeb
Discussion of problems, solutions and projects.

Positive Plumbing
Plumbing advice forum.

The Good News About Plumbing
Informing consumers about available technology in plumbing, as well as repair and replacement ideas.

Toiletology 101
Lessons on repairing leaks and removing clogs.
Plumbing, kitchen and bath advice for professionals and homeowners alike.