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Clearwater Landscapes
Landscaping resource for the do-it-yourself homeowner featuring interactive online landscape design.

Curb Appeal
Photos and advice on how to change your landscaping and home exterior to make it more attractive to potential buyers.

GetSet to Garden Resources
A gardening resource site for indoor and outdoor gardening, ponds, yard sites and stores.

Kurtz-Fernhout Software
Formerly commercial programs now available for free. Garden with Insight is a garden simulator, and PlantStudio is botanical illustration software.

General resource site including landscaping, lawn care, special topics, and how to resolve problems.

New Directions in the American Landscape
Nonprofit organization providing workshops on the design and management of landscapes based on natural models. News, events, and articles.

Planning the Home Landscape
Advice and tips for planning, preparing, and constructing a new landscape area.

Water Wise Gardening for the Pacific Northwest
Rod Smith, nursery professional in Oregon, describes how to save water by choosing low water plants, grouping plants according to water needs, preparing the soil properly, and conserving water with drip irrigation and mulch.