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Allexperts : Gardening
Veteran gardeners answer one-on-one questions about a range of gardening topics. Includes archives of past answers.

American Horticultural Society Heat Zone Map
The heat zone map divides the United States into regions of varying severity of summer heat.

BBC Online : Gardening
Nice resource for specific plant information, gardening projects, illustrated plant features, expert advice, tips and communing with other gardeners.

Backyard Gardener
Offers a collection of articles on general gardening, perennials, lawn care, pests, and diseases.

Cornell University: Gardening Resources
Portal to numerous articles, tips, and growing guides for vegetables, fruit, flowers, lawn, trees, shrubs and houseplants, and information on weather, soil, composting, and pests.

Dave's Gardening Page
Pictures, information and plant quizzes all from a garden in Suffolk, England.

Doctor Greenfingers
UK-based help and advice clinic for sick plants and amateur gardeners. Jobs to do diary, video tips, how to pages, and a light sprinkling of humor.

Emily Compost
Resources, links, and tips.

English Gardening
English style gardening for North America. Plant and design information advice, articles, photos, news.

Exotic Edibles
Growers of pet-safe plants offer a mix of gardening advice, with articles on garden wildlife, tropicals and toxic plants, and a plant of the month feature.

First and Last Frost Dates
Helps estimate the average date on which to expect the last frost in spring and the first frost in fall to occur in the U.S.

Florida Gardening
Provides details about landscape designers, garden centers, growing tips, and plants suitable for Florida gardens.

Forcing Branches Indoors
Advice for bringing branches of flowering deciduous shrubs and trees indoors, and forcing them to bloom or leaf out early.
Horticultural consultant offers a wide variety of garden tips, tricks, and information. Includes articles on organic gardening, lawncare, gardening with kids, garden calendar, and buying advice.

Advice from horticultural specialists in plants and gardens. Feature articles, calendar and tips on gardening and garden design.

Gardening information and resources including articles by top garden writers, seasonal tips and advice and guide sheets on hundreds of plants.

Gardeners Corner
Information, helps topic, questions and answers, and web links for all gardeners.

Gardening -
Gardening sites with categorized areas of specialty for the home gardener ranging from starting seeds to site design and implementation.

Gardening For Nutrition
Guidance for gardening and food intake with the purpose of maximizing nutrition.

Gardening Guides
Information on how to implement gardening basics, new design ideas, landscaping and specialty gardens.

Gardening Masterclass
Tutorials and tips on gardening, techniques and garden equipment in the UK.

Gardening by the Moon
Information on planting by the best phase and sign of the moon. Regional planting calendar lists specific vegetables, flowers, and garden chores.

Offers information on a variety of gardening topics, including a plant database with photo, pronunciation, and summary information for each.

Gardens Ablaze
Information about home gardening, including flowers, vegetables, herbs, water gardens, and garden decor.
Descriptive articles, pruning guide, competitions, garden doctor, events, employment, featured pages of places to go in UK.

Getting Yard and Garden Set for Winter
Details jobs to do in preparing the garden for winter.

Home and Garden Information Center
Factsheets from Clemson University on a range of gardening subjects including landscape, garden and indoor plants, insects, and plant diseases.

Hort Chat
Collection of short articles and fact sheets on home gardening, horticulture, and pests. Includes questions and answers.

Horticultural Myths
A set of PDF-format articles covering gardening practices that many people think are helpful but actually are not.

Knowledge base for gardeners, from the University of Illinois Extension. Includes fun page for kids.

Jasmine's Home Garden Secrets
Articles on the design, plant selections, and plant care for various garden styles.

Articles on a variety of gardening topics: plants, projects, dealing with pests and other challenges. Includes plant database.

Let's Garden
Useful tips on growing plants, keeping up gardens, vegetable gardens, orchards and ponds, as well as a works calendar and many services.

Lewis Gardens
Beginner's guide to perennial gardening, with tips, information and advice on home gardening, seed-starting and plant care. Includes a glossary and plant library.

Marilynn's Master Gardening
Offers articles on various plants and gardening topics with tips geared towards reducing the amount of gardening work.

Missouri Horticulture Publications
Lists of articles covering a range of topics including fruits, plants, landscaping, and lawns.

National Garden Association
Nonprofit provider of plant-based education aims to promote home, school, and community gardening. Articles for adult and kid gardeners, with seasonal information highlighted on the home page.

Northern Gardening
Minnesota gardener offers garden tips and articles, photos, and other resources for gardeners in cold climates.

Ol' Buffalo Tiller Maintenance
Step-by-step routine maintenance for rotary tillers. Most tips also applicable to lawn mowers, etc.

Pauls Garden World
Paul Owen's compendium of practical instructions for growing fruit, vegetables and herbs and garden construction projects, with information on pests and diseases and a weekly diary of gardening jobs.

Information on planning and planting a garden.
Advice on gardening and general plant care. Contains information on many ornamental plants.

Interactive Gardening and Plant Related Reference Maps such as the an USDA plant hardiness zone map for the US and UK as well as plant native range maps.

Purdue University Consumer Horticulture
Offers news articles, publications, information about youth and master gardening programs, and resources for Indiana gardeners.

Redwood Barn Nursery: Articles
Collection of articles and resources on plant selection and care from a California nursery. Includes archives of a monthly column in the Davis Enterprise newspaper.

Sustainable Gardening Tips
Robyn in Australia shares her tips and methods for raised bed gardening, tree protection, companion planting, and permaculture.

The Gardener's Network
Articles on many gardening topics, from growing guides and lawn care to organic gardening and seedstarting. Some jokes, games, and clipart as well.

The Gardening Guru
A collection of articles with facts and advice about gardening and landscaping, including plant selection and care, pest management, and monthly tips.

The Green Line
Large collection of short articles on a variety of gardening, health, and nutrition topics, provided by the University of Illinois Extension.

The Helpful Gardener
A collection of tips on a variety of gardening topics, ranging from rose, vegetable and container gardening, to composting and Japanese garden design. Also offers several forums.

The Old Farmer's Almanac Gardener's Companion
A collection of short gardening articles on growing herbs, fruit, vegetables, bulbs, lawns, and houseplants, dealing with pests, and weather. Also a seed swap board and forum.

The West Side Gardener
Advice, guides, FAQs, and how-to's written to help gardeners in the Maritime Pacific Northwestern US better grow vegetables and other edibles.

UK Gardening
Design guidance and tips, advice and suggestions for gardeners in the UK and elsewhere.

Weekend Gardener
Weekly electronic gardening guide. Know which vegetables to plant, based on frost dates. Also provides guides for starting commonly grown vegetables and flowers from seed.

Weekend Gardener Gardening Tips
A monthly web magazine with how to videos as well as how to articles about how to maintain a garden.