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BellaOnline's Hot & Spicy Info
Recipes and food article updates and a monthly newsletter from Vannie Ryanes, BellaOnline's Hot and Spicy Editor.

Bring on the Fire
Offers some background on chiles, as well as some photographs and an assortment of nouvelle recipes.

International Chili Society (ICS)
The International Chili Society (ICS) is a non-profit organization that sanctions chili cookoffs. Recipes, chili facts, chili cookoff rules and regulations.

Jonas Fiery Recipes
Offers a collection of recipes and photographs of the prepared dishes.

Mo Hotta Mo Betta Recipes
Recipes for assorted dishes which are organized by meal course. All recipes include a name brand sauce as an ingredient.

Pepper Fools Chile Pepper Recipes
List of hot and spicy recipes, tips for buying hot sauces and peppers, and includes database of chile pepper products. Also offers recipes in Master Cook format for downloading and importation, and an explanation of the origin of the recipes.

The Jalapeno Cafe
Offers 100's of hot and spicy recipes, cookbooks, chile, and a free web screensaver. Also offers downloadable .avi files to entertain you.

Fiery foods discussion board, chatroom and marketplace for chili, peppers, and sauces.