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Beer Bread
This recipe, from the Leon Brocard recipe site, uses self-rising flour and makes one loaf. A recipe search is available.

Caribbean Christmas Ring
A holiday recipe that yields up to 20 servings. A recipe search is also provided.

Creative Chocolates
Make s'mores using marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate. Offers a database for Hershey's cookbook, plus chocolate recipes.

A spicy alcoholic beverage made with red wine and whiskey, served hot. Recipe as given serves one, increase proportions as desired.

Hot Mocha Milk
From the New Deluxe Sharp Microwave Cookbook. Also provided is a recipe organizer and cooking resources links.

Hot Spiced Milk
Made with milk, cinnamon, molasses, and whipped cream. A recipe search and links to recipes by category is included.

Microwave Peanut Brittle
A quick and easy recipe from The Peanut Van's Cooking with Peanuts. Links to peanut products and information.

Pineapple Cake
This cake only takes nine minutes to bake. Included is a recipe search and a link to other cake recipes.

Roast Stuffed Turkey
How to prepare the holiday bird, up to 12 pounds in size. Links for poultry, main dish and appetizer recipes.

Sweet-sour meatballs
A recipe from Cyber Scrappies. Includes links to picnic suggestions, party favors, and Sunday brunch.

University of Arizona-Microwave Cooking
A short article with safety tips and advice from the USDA. Includes links to other food safety tips and articles.