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About Tubal Reversal
The ten most important questions to ask and have answered if you are considering tubal ligation reversal.

Davis Tubal Reversal Fertility Center
Based in California. Site contains details of treatment and costs.

Ferring Fertility
Provides infertility support and information about diagnosis and treatments, administration, managing costs, and Ferring's infertility drugs, Bravelle, Repronex and Novarel.

Fertility Stories
Personal stories about infertility experience ranging from surrogacy and egg donation through IVF, frozen embryo transfer and adoption. Includes details of treatments and definitions.

Household Chemicals and Infertility
Summaries of infertility articles from major medical journals. Topics include pesticides, cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, food additives, MSG, aspartame (Nutrasweet) and occupational hazards.

Infertility Guides
Articles written by reproductive endocrinologist Eric Daiter, M.D.

Perspectives Press
Infertility and adoption publisher. Free online articles as well as books on infertility treatment, emotional issues, and related family building alternatives including adoption.