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Abortion Procedures
Description of the different types of pregnancy termination procedures and which ones are used during which trimester.

Abortion Services in New Zealand: Abortion Procedures
Describes how surgical and medical abortions are performed in New Zealand.

Abortion and Breast Cancer
Citing medical journals, the National Cancer Institute refutes claims that elective abortion is linked to breast cancer.

Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer
Large collection of material about evidence linking abortion to increased breast cancer risk, including reports claiming cover-ups by expert panels and researchers who have found no connection.

International Consortium for Medical Abortion
Network of organizations and individuals interested in medical abortion. Includes members, activity and event details, and latest news.

Sister Zeus: Preventing and Ending Pregnancy
Provides how-to information and discusses risks of herbal abortions.

eMedicine Health - Abortion
Collection of articles covering abortion procedures, preparation, counseling, health considerations, societal issues, and legal rights.