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Erection Photos
Battling the stereotypes for average penis size. This site shows real men with real erections and educates men and women about reality versus pornography.

Answers to frequently asked questions about masturbation and sexually related concerns for men.

International Journal of Sexual Kung-Fu
Sexual Kung-Fu is an ancient taoist art form designed to increase a man's sexual stamina while helping him induce the woman to have multiple orgasms. This method is also used improve health and maintain vitality.

Living Well
Provides information, support and counselling to men who have been sexually abused in childhood or sexually assaulted as an adult, to partners, family and friends and to service providers.

My Male Sexuality
Sexual health, technique, and relationship site dedicated to improving your overall sex life.

Sex Education for Men
Articles on the anatomy and the sensuality of the male. Includes answers to questions men most frequently ask.

True Male Multiorgasmic Response - The Study
Natural male multiple orgasms documented for first time in this Rutgers University research study.