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A listing of articles and reference material about sports medicine, performance enhancement, injury prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Allsport Medical
Provides first aid, rehabilitation, injury prevention, fitness and training products to sports professionals, leisure organisations and sports therapists.

Iliotibial Band Syndrome
ITBS is a common running and cycling injury around the knee.

Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise
Journal contents, abstracts and author instructions. Searchable. [Subscription required for full-text]

Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma
Research and clinical center providing education on exercise programs, musculoskeletal physical exam, sports training advice, nutrition, heart disease and physical therapy.
Includes professional diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation practices for common injuries, as well as explaining the terms used.

SportMedBC - Sport Medicine Council of British Columbia
Promotes and coordinates sport medicine and sport science programs in British Columbia.

Sports Medicine's link page of sports medicine.

Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy Review
Focuses on important developments in the field of sports medicine and arthroscopy.
Offers information on education, organizations, and topics about sports medicine. Plus a chat room, mail list, and message board to connect people interested in sports medicine.

Tennis Elbow
Easy to understand information from Medinfo for patients on tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis).

Treatment Guide
Knee problems can have many causes and they can affect different parts of the knee. Learn how to recognize, prevent and treat common problems.

University Sports Medicine
This facility, part of the State University of New York at Buffalo, serves western New York. Information on the offered treatments for a range of sports related conditions and injuries.

University of Connecticut Sports Medicine
Orthopaedic physicians provide patient education on sports medicine related issues, orthopaedic operations, and nonoperative treatment for injuries.

University of Wisconsin Health Sports Medicine Center
Information about sports medicine physicians, athletic trainers, exercise physiologists and physical therapists as well as educational programs and exercise classes for athletes.

Virtual Sports Injury Clinic
Offers a virtual diagnosis and self help advice on injuries. Includes a find a clinic, a forum and a page addressed to professionals.