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Northern Eye
Information site by Dr Stephen J Doyle on laser eye surgery - LASIK, PRK and LASEK.

Refractive Source
Refractive surgery information including benefits, risks and alternatives to Lasik, PRK, Intacs, LTK and emerging procedures.

Surgical Eyes Foundation
Grassroots organization which exists to help people who have had unsuccessful Lasik, PRK, RK or other refractive surgeries that resulted in debilitating complications.

The Ortho-K Network
Provides information about orthokeratology.

The Refractive Surgery Patient Resource Center
Information on refractive surgery, the different procedures available, patient experiences, new technology, risks and benefits, and a bulletin board for discussion of related topics.

Vision Correction Website
Laser eye surgeries explained and illustrated with a nationwide directory of eye doctors performing laser refractive surgery.
Mimics a number of considerations which may exist before and/or after a vision correction procedure or surgery.