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ACTION Certification
Provides free personal trainer certification, online classes, discussion forums, business plans, flash cards, practice exams and liability insurance.

Aquatic Exercise Association
Register for aqua fitness instructor courses, examinations and continuing education classes.

Boxing Certification Institute
Offers instruction and certification in Boxing. Includes a shop for boxing supplies.

Functional Movement Systems
Provides certification based on statistical analysis of human movement patterns. Also includes an exercise video library and seminars.

Gffi Fitness Academy
Provides courses in yoga, pilates, and general fitness. Includes nutritional resources, home study outlines, and contact details in India, USA and UK.

International Sports Sciences Association
Provides fitness, personal training certifications, and online continuing education.

International Youth Conditioning Association
Register for education classes and certification specializing in youth training.

National Association for Fitness Certification
Training and continuing education for personal and group trainers, consultants.

The National Board of Fitness Examiners
Register for the personal trainer national board exam. Includes fitness professional standards and a code of ethics.

WaterART Fitness International
Specializes in land & aquatic fitness certification & education for instructors, personal trainers, health care providers & consumers.