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Childhood Hydrocephalus
Clinical features, treatment, and information on the Slit-Ventricle Syndrome. Arno H. Fried, M.D., Mel H. Epstein, M.D.

General Practice Notebook - Hydrocephalus
Clinically-oriented information on the different types.

Hydrocephalus Center
Patient centered guide to hydrocephalus information, resources, and reading material.

Hydrocephalus Fact Sheet
Provides information about the condition, treatment, complications, outcomes and research.

Hydrocephalus Information
In depth information about hydrocephalus, including the types, the causes, methods of diagnosis, types of treatments, and many of the effects.

Life NPH
Offers details about normal pressure hydrocephalus, including treatment, screening tests, find a physician and a support center.

Madi's Fund for Hydrocephalus Research
Fund is used to promote hydrocephalus research and provide some assistance for families who have children hospitalized at Fletcher Allen Health Care.

MedlinePlus: Hydrocephalus
Overview, clinical trials, pictures and diagrams, organizations and treatment information.

NINDS: Hydrocephalus
Information sheet compiled by The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

Pediatric Nuerosurgery - Hydrocephalus
Columbia-Presbyterian overview of causes and treatments. Hydrocephalic shunt system highlights.