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American Academy of Family Physicians: Osteopetrosis
Article on this condition, its three variants, an illustrative case, pathophysiology, clinical presentation and management.

GeneReviews: CLCN7-Related Osteopetrosis
Technical article on this bone disorder associated with the gene CLCN7.

NORD: Osteopetrosis
Provides information on this disease, its synonyms and subdivisions. Includes links to various related organizations.

Provides an overview of this rare congenital disorder in which the bones become overly dense. Includes details of articles, physicians interested in the disease, books, FAQ and some personal stories.

Patient: Osteopetrosis
Factsheet on this rare genetic disorder including its epidemiology, presentation, differential diagnosis, investigations, management, complications and prognosis.

Wikipedia: Osteopetrosis
Encyclopedia article on this rare inherited disorder in which the bones harden and become denser, including its pathogenesis, symptoms, differential diagnosis and treatment.