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Fat Disorders Research Society
The goal of this organization is to raise public awareness of fat disorders. Some of the disorders discussed are: Dercums Disease (Adiposis Dolorosa), Madelung’s Disease, Lipedema and Familial Multiple Lipomatosis or Angiolipomatosis

Lipoma Excision
Article from American Family Physician describes how a simple lipoma is removed by a surgeon during an office visit.

Endocrinologist describes several disorders involving fatty growths, as well as providing treatment recommendations. She is one of the few doctors diagnosing Dercum's Disease

My Lipoma Removal Surgery
Personal blog detailing the experience.

The Doctor's Doctor: Lipoma
Describes various types of lipomas in a structured manner.

Wikipedia: Lipoma
Article describing lipoma characteristics along with references and images.

eMedicine: Lipomas
Describes in detail the lipoma condition and removal surgery.