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Angeles Vision Clinic - Iritis/Uveitis
Iritis, or anterior uveitis: the condition and its treatment options.
This is an informative website on iritis to help those that suffer and those researching the disease, set up by an iritis sufferer

NHS Choices: Uveitis
Provides information on this inflammation of the middle layer of the eye. Includes details of symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment, complications and recovery.

Ocular Immunology and Uveitis Foundation
Research and education into inflammatory disease and immunology. Provides services and information for patients and professionals.

Definitions, symptoms, and treatments. Specific on clinic information for UM Kellog Eye Center.

Uveitis Associated with Rifabutin Therapy
Article outlining details of association between uveitis and Rifabutin therapy.

Uveitis Information Group
UK website devoted to Uveitis in Europe.

Uveitis, Anterior, Nongranulomatous
Introduction, clinical signs and symptoms, causes, and links to differential diagnoses. Includes a definition for the phrase "cells and flare".

eMedicine Health - Iritis
Consumer health resource center providing information on the causes, symptoms, and treatment of Iritis.