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Adult Congenital Heart Association
Information, resources and support for adults with congenital heart disease.

Congenital Heart Disease Information and Resources
Interactive forums, Internet links, and peer-reviewed informational materials for families, adults with CHD, and health professionals.

CHD Awareness Day
The Children's Health Information Network has brought global attention to the dreaded problem of Congenital Heart Defects by a co-ordinated effort from parents and families of CHD victims.
Information, resources and support for families and individuals dealing with congenital heart defects. Definitions of CHDs and medical terms, list of support groups and hospitals.

Coping with Congenital Heart Disease in Your Baby
Article with some useful information, published by The American Academy of Family Physicians.

Fontan Operation
Devoted to explaining this procedure, used to treat complex birth defects of the heart like hypoplastic right and left heart syndrome and single ventricle.

Grown Up Congenital Heart Patients Association (GUCH)
Provides support and advice to adults and teenagers born with CAD. Offers information sheets on topics such as pregnancy, insurance and careers, a message board and quarterly newsletter.

HLHS Information
Treatment options for newborns with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Includes questions to ask the hospital, surgeon, and insurance company.

MedicineNet: Congenital Heart Disease
Detailed look at the causes, symptoms, types, and treatments.

Merck Manual: Congenital Cardiovascular Anomalies
Overview of congenital anomalies of the heart and blood vessels with information on a number of different birth defects.

Our Little Braveheart
Jake was born with Tetralogy of Fallot. This is his story along with some pictures.

Prenatal Diagnosis of Heart Problems
UK site on the diagnosis of defects in the unborn child, prior to birth. Details timing of scans, high risk groups, diagrams of cardiac conditions, and includes support groups.

Resources from California State University
Very list of congenital heart diseases with links to sites dealing with that particular disease. Information to help parents and provide support.

The Charlie Ramsey Research Fund
Set up to raise money for research for complex congenital heart defects. Read Charlie's story, fund raising details, and new.