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Hay Fever - Rhinitis
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AAFP: Exercise-Induced Anaphylaxis and Urticaria
Description, diagnosis, treatment, and a patient brochure.

ABC of Allergies: Adverse Reactions to Drugs
Clinical review by Daniel Vervloet and Stephen Durham. Includes incidence, risk factors, diagnosis, and management.

ABC of Allergies: Anaphylaxis
Clinical review by Pamela W. Ewan. Includes definition, incidence, aetiology, clinical features, and management.

All Allergy Net
Provides information on symptoms, medication, and treatment.

Allergic Conjunctivitis
A look at the condition, its prevention, treating the symptoms and if the medicine has side affects.

Allergies - Everyday Health
Explains how to diagnose, treat and prevent them.

Allergies and Health Information
A guide to food additives and conditions such as asthma, hay fever and celiac disease.

In-depth look at this disorder including general information, environmental problems, food, medical problems, medicines, testing, allergy shots and frequently asked questions.

Allergy Glossary
From the Health On the Net Foundation.

Allergy Web
Offers information for patients and professionals.

A large variety of resources for allergy sufferers with pollen count maps, photos of mold spores and tree pollens, frequently asked questions, and directories of specialists.

Allerpet, Inc.
Allergy information for people who are allergic to dust mites and household pets.

American Family Physician: A Practical Guide to Anaphylaxis
Includes etiology, differential diagnosis, emergency treatment, management, and a patient brochure.

Anaphylaxis Canada
Support and information resource based in Toronto.

Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA)
Organization provides free information and education on asthma and allergies, as well as links to regional AAFA groups.

Dust Mites in the Home
Some helpful hints in ridding your house of dust mites. Information from the AAFP.

Foods Matter
An information and research resource for anyone with allergies, a food allergy, or a food sensitivity and intolerance. Includes complementary therapies, recipes, and health conditions that may be related to allergies. - Allergies Resource Center
Medical news, information and articles, message boards, chat, books, and directory of related web sites on allergies.

How Allergies Work
Illustrated guide includes allergy terminology, symptoms, reactions, and causes.
Explains the causal agents of symptoms associated with recurrent upper respiratory disease and atopic components related to common childhood conditions.

Mayo Clinic: Allergies
Describes causes, treatments, and prevention.

NHS Choices: Allergies
Provides information about allergies and details of symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

Pioneer Thinking: The Environment and Your Health
Read about the environment and how it affects you and your families health. Offered is a resource for do it yourself information, solutions and ideas.

RealAge Seasonal Allergy Center
Learn how to identify seasonal, nasal, sinus, or spring allergies and ease symptoms.

For kids living with anaphylaxis. Includes games, e-cards, user submitted art, stories, and recipes, and resources for schools and camps, including sample policies and activities.

WebMD: Allergies Health Center
Find in-depth information including treatments, triggers, and prevention.

eMedicine Health - Allergies
Consumer health resource center providing an overview, the causes, symptoms and treatment.