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Vaccines and Antisera
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BabyCenter Vaccine Resources
Offers answers to questions about vaccine safety and effectiveness, including why your baby needs to be vaccinated, and reviews the current recommended immunization schedule.

Combination Vaccines
Describes the formulations which reduce the number of injections for children.

Every Child By Two
Raises awareness of the importance of getting children fully immunized by the time they are two years old by educating health care workers and the general public. Includes a list of 'barriers' to immunization and their solutions.

Immunisation Advisory Centre in New Zealand
Offers unbiased information to the public and health professionals on all aspects of childhood immunisation against infectious diseases.

NPR : Rotavirus Added to Bulky List of Childhood Vaccines
Health officials recommend adding vaccines for flu and rotavirus to the regimen of childhood immunizations. Parents are objecting to the number of advised shots. [4:38 streaming audio broadcast]