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American Association of Bovine Practitioners: Johne's Disease
Factsheets on the disease for veterinarians.

Animal Health Australia: Johne's Disease
Provides information on the disease, the National Johne's Disease Control Program, the Market Assurance Programs, databases, reports and newsletters.

Johne's Disease in Sheep
Good discussion regarding Johne's disease (pronounced yonee's), a bacterial disease of ruminants characterized by wasting and diarrhea.

Johne's Information Center
Johne's is a contagious bacterial disease of the intestinal tract, also called paratuberculosis. The University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine offers information and testing services.

National Johne's Education Initiative
Features disease information, objectives, activities, educational materials, and program information.

Texas Animal Health Commission: Johne's Disease
Factsheets, reference material, and information about the Texas voluntary Johne's Disease program for cattle.

USDA-APHIS-VS: Johne's Disease
Factsheet with cause, symptoms, prevention strategies, and economic impact.

University of Missouri Extension: Johne's Disease or Paratuberculosis
Article by David Weaver including origin, disease categories, diagnosis and eradication.

Wikipedia: Johne's Disease
Encyclopedia article on the disease.'s_Disease