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Ed McCabe's, 'Mr Oxygen', site
Home site of Ed McCabe, a journalist, who has spent the last 20 years publicising the benefits of oxygen therapies. Site offers numerous articles as well as a search engine covering ozone research studies.

Healing Center - Las Vegas
Angel Healing Center in Las Vegas can provide ozonated steams and ozonated colonics as well as several other therapies.

OxyTech Research
Oxygen and other alternative therapies, treatments and remedies; FAQ and information on the latest, most effective healing modalities using Ozone, Magnetic Field and Rife frequency therapies.

Oxygen Healing Therapies
Information and articles on a wide range of different oxygen therapies. Also has a directory of US/Canadian doctors and clinics offering oxygen therapy.
Center in Tustin, California, providing ozone/oxygen bathing treatment.

Ozone Association
Website of the Medical Society for Ozone application in Prevention and Therapy

Ozone Stimulation
Explains methods, free radicals, oxygen, and links to study results.

OzoneLab Instruments
Has details of home and clinic therapy equipment and accessories with aspects of generators, oxygen concentrators and other supplies.

Plasmafire Intl.
Manufacturers of ozone generators and personal steam saunas.