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About Hypnosis
Articles about how and why hypnosis works. Includes information on topics suitable for hypnosis.

History of Hypnosis
An information site which details the important historical chapters of hypnosis, including Franz Anton Mesmer, James Braid, and Milton H. Erikson.

How Hypnosis Works
Article looks at some popular theories of hypnosis and explores the various ways hypnotists put their art to work, including fixed-gaze induction or eye fixation.

An on-line magazine covering hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Articles and essays contributed by doctors, medical experts and qualified practitioners.

Hypnosis Tools
Information about the science of hypnosis, suggestion, and hypnotherapy. In-depth discussion of the latest hypnosis research.

Hypnosis and Hypnotism
A Christian viewpoint on hypnotherapy.
Features hypnosis books, tapes, education, music, and a database of hypnotists worldwide.

Our Hypno Space
Networking site for hypnosis professionals. Includes blogs, photos, videos, and audio sections for members.

The Dangers of Hypnosis
A former hypnotherapist and stage hypnotist on the physical and psychological dangers of hypnosis.

Answers questions about use of hypnotism for different conditions.