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Aura Light
Offers vibrational essences, gem elixirs, essential oils, herbal energies, stellar patterning, love and light.

Awakening Images
Vibrational medicine: Aura-Soma and readings, crystal singing bowls, mandalas. workshops and painting classes.

Brooker Colour Therapy
Clinic in Cambridge, New Zealand, offers therapy that matches the frequency wavelength of a color to that of a disease.

Color the Secret Influence
The effects of color on health and psychology, in advertising, and interior environments. Provides research data and promotes informed color selection.

ColorLight MindBody Healing
Online colored light therapy sessions are available in the Color Light Spa.
Free information and products for color therapy, aura healing and vibrational healing. Information on our aura camerasand how color and light can change your life.

Colour Energy
Colour and aura products, services and education, color therapy energy and wellness products

Colour Therapy Healing
A complete insight into the world of Colour Therapy. Details about the Chakras, treatment,colour, and the history of colour.

Essential Color. Freda Rose Woolsgove, Consultant.
Colour and sensory consultancy offering creative colour ways, healing power of the senses, health and well-being for schools, community groups, organisations and the general public.

Healing with the Rainbow Rays
Articles, book reviews and spiritual journeys. Workshops worldwide by Alijandra.

Lightfield Systems
Color and sound therapies using the pulse reading technique of Dr. Paul Nogier to find precisely matching resonance frequencies and colors. Tools, training, and sessions.

Phoenix Enterprises
Information on colour (and other) therapy as well as courses taught by the company.

Swami Devageet - C.H. Newman
Offers light-as-colour, electronic gem therapy, hypnosis, and elucidation (dialoguing with somatic centres) therapies in the United Kingdom.

The Astrology of Colour
The properties and meanings of colours and astrological associations