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Rich in resources on Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, qigong, tuina, dietetics, diagnosis and theory, clinical point selections, acupuncturist referrals, news, college courses.

Acupuncture Links
Includes list of resources maintained by Vilberto C. Oliveira, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
News, articles, links, online discussion forums. Huntington Beach, California.

Alternative Therapies Gain New Respect in Cancer Treatment article by Elizabeth Cohen.

Comprehensive Services of TCM
Describes a hospital in Hunan province, China, and offers background information on the use and practice of traditional medicine.

Doc Misha's Chicken Soup Chinese Medicine
Tips for choosing a practitioner, FAQs. Maintained by Misha Ruth Cohen. Clinic in San Francisco, California.
Web portal promoting traditional Chinese medicine.

Health Info: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
Articles for practitioners and students. Reference database. Acupuncture
Introduction to acupuncture and Oriental medicine.

Live Journal - Traditional Chinese Medicine
Forum to discuss and share information on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Shen-nong Limited
Provides articles describing Chinese medicine (TCM). Multilingual site.

Acupuncture and Oriental medicine information for students and practitioners. Point tables, school listing, state laws, study tools, forums and suppliers.
Resources for students, practitioners and patients. Educational material, chat rooms, discussion boards. Maintained by John R. Wahnish.

The Chinese Doctor
Chinese medicine blog by Quentin Chen, based in Lane Cove (Sydney), Australia.

The Chinese Medicine Sampler
Public education site about Traditional Chinese Medicine. Maintained by the Lau Clinic.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Information Page
Basic concepts and fundamentals of traditional Chinese medicine, including herbal therapy, acupuncture, qigong and TCM approaches to common diseases.

Trigram Software
Databases offer acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, case studies, and exam-like questions. Practice management tools available. Oakland, California.

Yin Yang House
Oriental medicine information for students and practitioners of Japanese and Chinese acupuncture, auricular therapies, and Zen Shiatsu.