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Amazeing Art
Explore the world of mazes, labyrinths, and ancient wonders with author Christopher Berg. From ancient architectural mazes to modern puzzles, discover the history and mystery of the maze.

Bills Games
A random-making maze generator to then print and solve.

Chris Nevison
A lab example that is to explore different algorithms for searching for a solution to a problem, where the solution can be developed one step at a time.

Click Mazes
Interactive puzzles and mazes to play online (Java). Also included in special galleries are many hand drawn mazes of the "print and solve" variety.

Maze Box
Lots of different mazes made from interesting pictures.

Offers a variety of printable mazes.

Oh! Toys
U.S. on-line source for Cuboro, a unique set of blocks and marbles that let you create endless marble track constructions

Snake Oil's Psychedelic Mazes
A half-dozen maze creations by Humboldt Baxter. Mazes
Offers a collection of printable .PDF format mazes.

Think Labyrinth!
Learn all about mazes. Features an interactive maze program, information on the movie Labyrinth, and a gallery of computer mazes.

theBigZoo Maze Builder
Provides an online tool that creates a multitude of printable mazes.