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Alekhine, Alexander
Anand, Vishwanathan
Anderssen, Adolf
Ashley, Maurice
Belakovskaia, Anjelina  
Botvinnik, Mikhail
Capablanca, Jose Raoul
Euwe, Max
Fischer, Bobby
Karpov, Anatoly
Kasparov, Garry
Keres, Paul
Khan, Mir Sultan
Koltanowski, George  
Kosteniuk, Alexandra
Kramnik, Vladimir
Krush, Irina
Lasker, Emanuel
Morphy, Paul
Nakamura, Hikaru  
Personal Pages
Petrosian, Tigran
Philidor, Francois Andre Danican
Polgar, Judit
Polgar, Zsuzsa  
Seirawan, Yasser  
Shirov, Alexei  
Smyslov, Vassily
Spassky, Boris
Staunton, Howard
Steinitz, Wilhelm
Tal, Mikhail
World Champions
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GM Akobian
A biography, list of achievements, photograph gallery, and lessions of Varuzhan Akobian.

IM Igor Khmelnitsky - Chess Coach
Chess news, lessons, book reviews, puzzles, software, and evaluation tests.
International Master Jeremy Silman's site. Includes book review collection.

N.S. Muthuswami
Includes problems and game logs.

Rashid Ziatdinov
Includes tactics and training.

SeekR's Chess Site
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Wikipedia - Ruslan Ponomariov
Entry describes a Ukrainian chess player born in 1983. Includes links to related entries and Web pages.