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FirmTools Panorama Software
Shareware software to easily create panoramic images from digital photos from any camera.

Metropole Worldwide
Technology and software to create a 360 degree virtual tour from a single photograph-no stitching-live 360 video and security systems.

A tool that supports the panorama creation process from the beginning to the final stitched panorama.

Front end for creating panoramas using GPL licensed Panorama Tools package.

Panorama Tools
Free software to create, edit and remap panoramic images.

Undistort fisheye images and create interactive, 3D panoramas with them.

Patented Mappable VR (PMVR)
Shareware Java applet and authoring tool that will run in any browser that supports Java 1.1 API allowing panoramas to be viewed on any platform.

Pixtra Panorama
Panorama image stitching software stitches a set of digital photos into immersive 360 degree panoramas; for printing or Web publishing.

Tekmake PhotoFit
Windows shareware for stitching multiple rows of photos into a panorama or fisheye image.

VR Toolbox
Includes VR Worx, a QuickTime VR authoring tool for QTVR panorama, object and scene creation. Available on Mac and Windows.