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Full R-Comp release.

Acorn Syndicate+
Take control of a futuristic Syndicate and orchestrate your bid for global domination!

Angband and Variants
Includes Cthangband, Kamband, Oangband, Pziband, Sangband, Yin-Yangband, Zangband.

Graphical adventure game set in ancient Egypt.

Artex: TEK 1608
Realtime strategy game that took four years to develop.

Automaton Wars
Freeware strategy game (similar to Explosion or Atoms), previously called Critical Mass.

Castle Harenae
Two player shareware game. Involves constructing mazes for your opponent to complete.

Cheats Prosper
Hundreds of cheats for Acorn games.

Chuckie Egg
RISC OS conversion of the classic BBC game.

A game of skill for two players. Take turns at placing 4-square coloured tiles so as to form as long a continuous string.

Simulation of the very popular, colourful, 3D cube from the 1980s.

Drop into a mind-bending true 3D world populated by rampaging robotic mining droids.

DoggySoft Software
A selection of cheats and hacks.

The classic version of the space trading game.

Strategic space simulation.

Fan Patience
Desktop version of the card game.

Heroes of Might and Magic 2
Epic struggle between good and evil.

KISS paper doll viewer

Quake Resurrection
Network-aware version for RISC OS.

Graphics adventure game in English or German.

Star Fighter 3000
Everything you could want to know about the game.

Steve Fryatt's Acorn Software
Some fun, simple games.

Syndicate Help
Support from the Acorn Arcade team.

Align falling blocks to build up complete rows without leaving gaps.

The Depths of Doom Trilogy
Special release of the Doom Trilogy. With optimised versions for ARM3 and StrongARM processors.

The Really Small Software Company: Jump n Bump
Game where bunnies jump on others.

The Really Small Software Company: LBreakout2
Game where tiles are smashed with a continuously moving ball.

Tortoisesoft Enterprises Puzzler
Educational and recreational program which creates a multi-piece rectangular shaped puzzle from any picture. Generates puzzles with between two or one hundred pieces in any screen mode and can save part done screens for later.