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Home of Raissa (RSS reader), MAD Max (MP3 player), The Fish (Notes encryption) and other open source Newton software.

Catamount Software's Home Page
Wide variety of shareware items to download for your Newton or Palm device, well over 30 different packages to choose from.

Config Informationstechnik eG
Provides freeware with packages from battery tracking to backdrops.

Foundation Systems
Provides a selection of freeware Newton software.

Innovative Computer Solutions
Various shareware and freeware programs for the Newton.

NS Basic
BASIC toolkit, combined with extensions to create a complete development and runtime environment.

Newtendo Entertainment System
A Newtendo emulator for the Newton, supporting Mapper 0 and Mapper 1 roms as well as Keyboard support.

PDA Soft
Home to various freeware Newton programs and tutorials for rebuilding your Apple Newton and accessories.

SilverWARE Software
Publisher of software for PalmOS and Newton.

Stand Alone
Offers handheld software.

The Paperback Page
Paperback lets you take pure text files and quickly put them on your Newton device -- for free.

VisualNewt Software
Home to some recently released freeware packages for the Newton; weather programs, and time synchronization.