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ASR Gooyesh Pardaz Co.
Develops speech processing and speech recognition systems. News, products, partners, research and development and support information.

Agilingua, LLC.
Provides an integrated Software Development Kit (SDK) for the development of spoken dialogue system that supports the entire development process. Products, solutions, services, developer information, and support.

CatchWord Language and Speech Technologies
Develops multi-lingual voice portals. Products include speech recognition, audio-mining and speech corpora in South African languages. Services, product information, and employee profiles.

Dialogue Machine
Develops and hosts speech recognition applications. Provides hosting fee rather than up front cost.

Disaggregate Consulting
Consulting services for speech technology: architecture, technical advice, software development, and education. Technology information, services, books, and publications.

G2 Speech
Provider of customised speech recognition and digital dictation systems for the medical and legal sectors. Has operations in Holland and the UK.

Offers a voice command software utility for gamers.

GritTec Laboratory
Research and development of the unique algorithms in the field of DSP, speech and audio processing. Research focused on speaker identification (voice biometric), speech enhancement (noise cancellation), speech concealment (PLC), speech recognition, and speech synthesis (audio effects).

Guardian Business Solutions, Inc.
Warehouse applications using voice, wireless, and wearable technologies to provide automation and productivity solutions for warehouse management, distribution, and manufacturing systems. Partnered with Syvox.

Hand Held
Provider of a large-vocabulary continuous speech recognizer that runs on a PDA. Offers a voice enabled address book for Win 95, Win 98, Win NT, Win CE, Win XP, and Pocket PC.

HighBridge Communications
Provides speech recognition solutions to small and medium-sized companies. Offers technology overview.

IBM Software - Speech Recognition
Big Blue's ViaVoice offerings in the desktop continuous speech dictation arena. Competes with Dragon Systems. Has mobile dictation and telephony products as well. Has continuous speech recognition for the Apple Macintosh.

Provides voice recognition and medical transcription services and solutions to health care centers, medical offices, and doctors. Products and services, news, partners, and client login.

Rubidium Ltd.
Supplies speech processing chips and solution for resource constrained consumer applications, including speech recognition, text-to-speech (TTS), biometric speaker verification, speech compression and speech detection. News and events, technology information, and downloads.

Sautrela Project
Modular and pluggable open source framework focused on speech recognition. Obtain software, documentation, and license information.

Speak Freely for Windows
A free Internet "phone" program for talking to someone PC-to-PC over a network, i.e., a voice chat program. No banner ads. Features encryption hooks, "answering machine," text chat, cross platform versions for Unix/Linux. Optional facility for a buddy addressing server to list who else is on-line similar to the "commercial" instant messaging programs. Integrates with ICQ. Good voice quality. Optional C++ source code (free) for those interested in learning about with Internet speech protocols.

Speech Interface Design
Turn-key industrial speech recognition solutions supplier. News and events, company history, and support information.

Speech Technology Center
Russian organization providing unusual variety of speech processing products and services for research and development, speech recognition, voice verification, speaker identification, noise reduction in speech signals, noise cancellation, forensic examination, audio analysis, logging and communication channel protection.

Speech Technology Magazine
Online edition of the magazine, plus information on an annual 'SpeechTEK' speech technology business exposition.

Provides call center automation technology to resolve technical support problems over the telephone. Implements natural language speech recognition. News, products, technology, customers, and a weblog.

Provider of hosted speech recognition applications. Press releases, partners, and delivery options.

Provides Arabic and English speech enabled solutions for telecom operators and service providers, text to speech and speech recognition applications and solutions. Technology overview, news and press releases, and partner programs.

Verbatim Careers Institute
Offers training for careers made possible by advances in speech recognition technology. Application, program details, and career information.

Voice Recognition System
Software for warehouse voice-driven logistics. Case studies, system overview, and benefits.

Voice Technologies
Provider of speech recognition, digital dictation and workflow management solutions. Offers news, client information, products and services, and voice technology.

Voice Technology in Warehouse Management
Guide to the use of speech technology in warehouse management systems. FAQs, white papers and articles.

Implements speech technology solutions for healthcare enterprises. Offers description of products and services, support information, and employment opportunities.

Provides voice-based technology that enables warehouse workers to achieve higher levels of productivity and accuracy while reducing operational costs.

Transcription equipment and software solutions for government, law enforcement, law firms, healthcare, insurance, financial organizations and transcriptionists.

Provides solutions for modern self-service applications. Expertise covers all aspects of speech recognition systems, ranging from voice user Interface design, to VoiceXML applications built on modern application frameworks. News and listing of current projects.