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Complete, free, MS-DOS compatible operating system with no enhancements or advanced features such as multitasking, protected mode operation, GUI.

Open-Source replacement for commercial DOS

Growing article, with links to many related topics. Wikipedia.

FreeDOS 32
To extend abilities of FreeDOS into native 32-bit system, based on simple, fully expandable, modular core; features like memory protection, multitasking, support for many filesystems can be added by external components. [Open Source, GPL]

FreeDOS Documentation Project: FD-DOC
Goal: create free, documentation for the project, collaborate in all related issues, including How-to's and mini How-to's, hosting FreeDOS wiki.

FreeDOS Kernel Site
Frequent updates with the latest FreeDOS kernel developments.

FreeDOS WebRing
FreeDOS WebRing start page.

FreeDOS: FDOS Site
Home of FDOS: FreeDOS Distribution Of Sorts, 386+ for DOS/Win32. Also mirrors items of interest to FreeDOS developers, users; main and Spanish FreeDOS sites.

Jim's FreeDOS page
Home of FreeDOS Install program.

Rugxulo - Ruffidea
Offers mini FreeDOS distributions on floppy diskettes.

The FreeDOS Network Package manager
An online update tool for the FreeDOS operating system. It allows to install/remove software on a FreeDOS installation using online repositories.