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DragonFly BSD
Fork of FreeBSD 4.11, focus: scalability, robustness, and debuggability in several broad system traits, especially threading and symetric multiprocessing, SMP.

A Quick Review of DragonFly BSD 1.4
Concise, with links, forum comments. []

Matthew Dillon personal page: brief introduction, links to projects; software: DIABLO backbone news transit system, DICE Amiga C compile, XMAKE.

BSD Cross Reference: DragonFly
A source-code search engine, based on an improved version of OpenGrok, allows one to grok — profoundly understand — the source code of DragonFly BSD.

Behind DragonFly BSD
Interview of core developers (Matthew Dillon, Joerg Sonnenberger, Jeffrey Hsu, Hiten Pandya) on their goals. [] DragonFly BSD
Lists: summary, links, features, news.

DragonFly BSD Digest
News Weblog with large archives, links to BSD and DragonFly related sites.

Interview with Matthew Dillon from DragonFly BSD
Lead developer talks on MP3 file, with forum comments. [bsdtalk]

Interview with Matthew Dillon of DragonFly BSD
Lead developer comments on his goals, with links, forum comments. []

Quiet Computing with BSD
Fan control with sysctl hw.sensors and lm(4) on OpenBSD and DragonFly BSD.

Wikipedia: DragonFly BSD
Encyclopedia article about the Unix-like operating system, including history and future directions.