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A/UX FAQ Index
FAQ list is intended to cut down on the number of "often asked questions" that make the rounds here on comp.unix.aux.

Encyclopedic article.

A/UX 3.0 installation
Installation how-to.

A/UX Basic Install Guide
Basic installation info with screenshots and notes on 68040 processors.

A/UX Basic Skills
Book. Contents: Working on the Desktop, Getting Started with A/UX 3.01, Using Files and Folders, Backup your work with Disks or Tape Cassettes, Working with TextEditor, printing from Desktop, Customising the Finder Environment.

A/UX Binaries
Compiled A/UX applications.

Apache on A/UX Performance Hints
General Apache on A/UX Notes.

Apple A/UX 3.x.x related Mini Archiv
How to compile. Software for A/UX.

Server Administration with A/UX
Book. Contents: using the command line, introduction to using Unix commands, system start up, backup media and devices, managing disks, creating and managing TCP/IP network, printing, user and group administration, troubleshooting.

Tuning Server Performance and Adding Internal Hard Drives
Book. Contents: Measuring server performance, allocating RAM, NFS.

Unix on a Mac? Really?
Comparison Review of A/UX and MachTEN.