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IBM AIX: Unix Operating System
IBM home page for AIX; many IBM AIX resources, product and service descriptions, links.

AIX 4.3 documentation
Installation guides, System user's guides, Programming guides.

AIX for System Administrators
Practical guide to AIX.

Bull AIX Freeware
Archive of freeware and shareware for AIX (R) 4.

Comp.Unix.Aix archive
Usenet newsgroup archive, searchable by author, subject, and keywords header lines.

Download AIX Software
Group Bull's Large Freeware and Shareware Archive for AIX (R) 4

An open-source product which produces CPU/Memory/IO adapters utilization graphs of all operating systems which can run on that platform (AIX, Linux, i5/OS, VIOS).

AIX, pSeries and RS/6000 information portal, with forums, columns, security alerts, announcements from IBM and user groups, and direct links to commonly used IBM documentation.
Consultants sharing real life experience(s) and knowledge: IBM-AIX, Solaris, HP-UNIX, Linux, SAN Storage, TSM, Oracle DB, Postgres, Terada.

SystemScan AIX
Checks and advises on system configuration.

Tek-Tips: IBM AIX Forum
Technical support, mutual help system. Forbids selling, recruiting.