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Official home of high performance, desktop operating system, updated fork of AtheOS. Goal: reliable, intuitive, easy to use, powerful, for home, small office users. Descriptions, development, FAQs, forums, mail lists, news archive, screenshots. Open Source, GPL.

Syllable Team Marches On
Discusses development work on Syllable before version 0.4.1, and credits several members of the development team for the operating system. [OSNews]

Syllable, The Little OS with a Big Future
Introduction, history, review, features, many forum comments. OSNews.

Users Update AtheOS, But Still No Word from its Founder
This article details the events that led up to Syllable's fork from AtheOS, including the 9 month disappearance of Kurt Skauen, the lead developer of AtheOS. [OSNews]

Vanders' Syllable Software
Personal homepage and Syllable software portal by Vanders - Syllable's lead developer

Wikipedia: AtheOS File System
Encyclopedia article, with links to many related topics.

Wikipedia: Syllable Operating System
Encyclopedia article, with links to many related topics.