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DROPS: Dresden Real-Time Operating System Project
Several RTOSs with QoS focus: much research is done on networking support for continuous-media applications, very few projects tackle related OS issues, such as scheduling and file system support for bounded response time: overview, status, download, installation, use, documentation, papers.

Getting Closer to 99.9999% Network Uptime
Has information loss become so crucial? Is there real demand for highly available networks? Or are network OEMs, fighting a bad economy, making high-tech versions of detergent ads claiming new and improved? Vaughan-Nichols and Associates.

Project Satori
High-Performance distributed object environment emphasizing adaptive end-to-end QoS guarantees. Abstract, components, documents, people, funding.

Free for non-commercial use. Communication-oriented OS focused on network systems: network-attached devices, set-top boxes, and hand-held devices. Fast, customizable, based on new ways to structure and construct OSs: The Path: how data flows between end-points in a system; paths are primary objects to which resources are assigned. Also exploring new compiler technologies for system design and implementation, based on this insight: extensible OSs are worthless if no one can build or extend them.