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Kernighan, Brian
Ritchie, Dennis
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Plan 9 from User Space
A port of many Plan 9 programs from their native Plan 9 environment to Unix-like operating systems.

A port of the Plan 9 kernel to run as a user space program using the vx32 sandboxing library in *BSD, Linux, and OS X systems.

C Programming in Plan 9 from Bell Labs
An introduction to writing C programs in the Plan 9 environment by Pietro Gagliardi. Plan 9 from Bell
News coverage of the Open Source release of the third edition of Plan 9.

IWP9 2006
First International Workshop for Plan 9 and Inferno.

International Workshops for Plan 9 and Inferno Unofficial Homepage
Information about the Plan 9 and Inferno workshops, including proceedings, video and audio recordings, and other resources.

News, tips and articles about Plan 9 and Inferno.

Plan 9 2nd Edition ReadMe by Brian W. Kernighan
General introduction to the system.

Plan 9 and Inferno at the Google Summer of Code
News, blogs, source code repositories and other resources for the Plan 9 and Inferno projects part of GSoC.

Plan 9 at the Advanced Computing Laboratory
Documentation, tips, various software packages including ports of Unix software, and extra drivers for 3rd Edition.

Plan 9 from Bell Labs
Wikipedia article about Plan 9.

Plan 9: The Way the Future Was
Essay compares Plan 9 to Unix, parts of Plan 9 being implemented in Unix. From Eric S. Raymond's book The Art of Unix Programming.

Reinventing Unix: An Introduction to the Plan 9 Operating System
Technical paper abstract; link to main article, fee needed. Library Hi Tech; Emerald Group.

Second International Workshop on Plan 9
A workshop for researchers and developers working on Plan 9 from Bell Labs, Inferno, and related ideas and projects.

Upas - A Simpler Approach to Metwork Mail
Essay on the mail interface system by David L. Presotto. Available in PDF and PostScript format.

A (friendly) fork of the Plan 9 operating system, including many new contributions and packages.