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Ambient Open Source Team
Home for MorphOS native desktop; handles program icons, directory navigation, program launching, file handling, and other system management.

Information on 3D graphics cards and programming APIs, free version of MorphOS for Commodore A1200, A3000, A4000 with PowerPC accelerator cards, MorphOS support registration, news. MorphOS Development Team.

MorphOS Files
A moderated repository of software for this operating system. All files are hosted locally to avoid broken links.

MorphOS Software
A collaborative software archive for this operating system. Registered users can add new applications to the list and an RSS feed is provided.

MorphOS: The Lightning OS
Includes introduction, with forum comments. Enlarged version is on author website. OSNews.

MorphOS portal: community and support, with news, fora, tutorials, quick help, downloads, bounties, links.

Pegasos and MorphOS Area
Articles, documents, and programs on Pegasos computers and MorphOS; includes enlarged version of 'MorphOS, The Lightning OS', an introduction. Fulvio Peruggi.

Wikipedia: MorphOS
Encyclopedia article, with links to many related topics.