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The GNU Hurd
The GNU project's replacement for the Unix kernel. The Hurd is a collection of servers that run on the Mach microkernel to implement file systems, network protocols, file access control, and other features that are implemented by the Unix kernel or similar kernels (such as Linux).

Bug reports for the GNU Hurd Archives
Archived discussions and reports of bugs for Hurd project. May be searched by user.

Download site for Debian Hurd CDs. Offers software downloads, support, documentation and news.

Debian GNU Hurd
Free distribution of the original GNU operating system under name of Debian, maintained and updated by many users who volunteer their knowledge, time and effort. The Hurd is a set of servers running on top of the GNU Mach microkernel.

GNU Hurd Hardware Compatibility Guide
A list of hardware that is known to be supported by the GNU Mach microkernel.

GNU Hurd Mailing List
Mailing list archives.

A basic introduction to the Hurd project.

Okuji -
Information on free software, GNU Hurd, GNU GRUB, GNU Mach, and microkernels.

The Hurd Development and Information Links
Offers a large good collection of Hurd links.

The Hurd on L4
Porting the Hurd to the L4 microkernel. News, plans, pointers to mailing lists and websites.

Toronto Hurd Group
An area group willing to help new users to run GNU/Hurd and to develop software for GNU/Hurd. Offers links to related files, support, mailing lists, bug documentation, current tasks and news.

Towards a New Strategy of OS Design
A technical article on the Hurd.