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BeOS Pro Edition
Freeware release of BeOS ver 5.0.

BlueEyedOS: B.E.OS.
Multimedia, network OS, source compatible with Linux, BeOS; BeOS-inspired, has Linux kernel, APIs are BeOS, rewritten with improvements, main goal: make new platform for BeOS developers, only need to recompile BeOS programs. [Open Source]

Haiku Project
An open-source operating system currently in development and inspired by BeOS. Its kernel is based on NewOS. Open source, released under the MIT license.

A site serving content to the BeOS newbie.

The BeOS Tip Server
Hundreds of tips, tricks, shortcuts, and undocumented secrets by and for BeOS users.

The Green Board
Forums and information for users and developers of the Be Operating System.

An operating system based on the Haiku OS.